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Matunami Shuzo was founded in 1868. The present head of the familly is the 6th since the time of foundation. "Noto-cho" the home of the Noto Toji guild, is blessed with a seasonal climate with Tukumo Bay, Koiji Beach and rich harvests from both mountain and sea. Our Toji masters have worked to brew sake by hand with traditional method. Our Oeyama sake helps building empathy and communication among drinkers. It is named after Mt. Oe in Tamba, a beautiful peak that is also called Senjogatake, and is a local sake appropriate for sake lovers, loved by everyone. 

The history of Oeyama has resulted from Shutendouji (ogre). Shutendouji lived in Mt.Oe, liked SAKE too much and drank deep , cheerfully. We hope we drink our health cheerfully with friends. 

Matunami Shuzo continued to brew sake by hand with traditional method. Our Toji has used Kama (steamedl rice) Fune (press sake) through in his work for many years. Liquor is mainly made from ume,yuzu, kaki in our farm.

Noto Peninsula

NOTO is famous for GIAHS

Noto's Satoyama & Satoumi  / The fishery has prospered and people caught many fresh fishes, and cultivated much fresh fruits and vegetables. Then the Oeyama family has continued to make this sake in the beautiful countryside Noto. 

Culture (Prefecture)  /  Traditional culture called gold leaf, the Kutani, and the Wajima-nuri which used Kaga 1 million Goku as the foundation is still inherited, and also Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed with the rich nature which made Noto-Hanto and Hakusan the start, and can enjoy a scene every season. 

The kind of SAKEhas daiginjo, junmai-shu, honjyozo, and available only during this season item. 


Kaki-shu is made from persimmon and sake "Oeyama". We feel it ripe sweetness and drink it on the rock and icecream with sauce.


Ume-shu is made from Japanese Noto ume (Asian plum), honey and sake "Oeyama". Ume's delicious tang comes from citric acid. This refreshing flavor induces the appetite. Refresh yourself by enjoying Umeshu when you feel tired.


・Yuzu-shu is made from yuzu peel, juice, and sake "Oeyama". Fresh acidity and elegant sweetness of Japanese Noto Yuzu. We drink it on the rock and soda.


Tomato-shu is made from Japanese Noto fruit tomatoes and sake "Oeyama". Noto fruit tomatoes grow by using deep-sea-water. We feel it before dinner or use it salad dressing.


Gobo-shu (Burdock sake) Sawano Gombo ’Sawano Gobo’ has been made since 350 years. Gobo-shu is only one sake in Japan.


Corporate profile


Brewery Name      Matunami shuzo Co., Ltd.

Location         30-114 Matunami, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, Ishikawa, JAPAN  927-0602

Representative Name    Masahiko Kinshichi 

Brand           Oeyama

Establish           1868


E-mail : sake@o-eyama.com   TEL : +81-768-72-0005 (Japanese Only)

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